Social Media Discrimination 2020


Facebook won’t let Trump supporters post support. Only crazy trolls trying to make him concede allowed. Disgusting!

Facebook and Twitter really stepped in it when they blocked The New York Post from sharing their Hunter and Joe Biden scandals.
Facebook won’t allow the link on its website because it redirects to Joe Biden’s website.AUGUST 2020Twitter suspended my account the night of the White House shooting.I worked all day promoting GOP candidates from all 50 states, posting their names with a link to their sites from my list TexasMeddler.comMy final tweet before suspension was to President Trump after he was removed from the press conference.

((Praying for you! Hope everything is ok.#MailInVoting #VoterFraud
I know you’ll make the ballots count! #ArmyForTrump #Trump2020Landslide
#VoteRightVoteTrump ))

Twitter Suspended Me

Suspended From Twitter Election Eve 2018
In 2016, I was battling liberal censors at Facebook, unpublished and called Russian shortly after President Trump won. Twitter has a bad reputation. But President Trump tweets, so I started keeping up with him there.This was the final straw at Facebook because I no longer feel safe there. They unpublished “Congratulations President Trump” but kept “Terminate The Republican Party” after I reported it for violence due to the title after it produced the congressional baseball shooter who nearly killed Representative Steve Scalise! What kind of people are they catering to? Hiring? Obviously, it’s not Christian patriots.Election Eve, after having done all I could to combat globalist billionaires baring attack ads, I was rewarded by Twitter with suspension from all five accounts, two of which weren’t even political.It all started when Facebook temporarily blocked me for “going too fast”.I tweeted a screenshot to President Trump as shown below. Soon, Facebook unblocked me. I reduced my speed by condensing candidates into statewide posts.Then, Twitter suspended me from all five accounts. Three weren’t active. I had been studying social media marketing and building out a practice campaign until Mueller happened. I couldn’t leave President Trump hanging out there with all these liars warring against him. How could I focus on my beautiful dreams with something so ugly glaring down my country.I had lists in Notes I’d copied and pasted from in 2016. This time, I shared a list on WordPress so everyone could use it. I became Texas Meddler actively promoting almost 500 candidates with nothing but a prayer and a cellphone. State candidates were passively shared as part of this list.On some occasions, the same post was relevant on more than one account. For example, a prayer. They used this as their excuse to ban me Election Eve.These two I’d planned to build out once my nation stabilized. After all the bias and bigotry I’ve experienced on Facebook and Twitter, I won’t be purchasing their services. They’ve taken pages down from people who’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on them because they disagreed with them politically leaving them with no recourse but to haul them before Congress or sue or both.This account was only practice. It was just a name off my head to sell T-shirts. Teespring messaged me a heads up in 2016 that Facebook had labeled me abusive revealing they worked exclusively with Facebook who was automatically rejecting my T-shirt ads. I withdrew from FB and deleted the app.Cynthia Wolf was my first account with Twitter since 2008. I followed my favorite entertainers and tried to help them trend. Several I respected had followed me back. After President Trump got elected, I started posting on Twitter because I hoped to post the truth enough that my favorite entertainers wouldn’t fall into the antiTrump trap and destroy their careers while feeding the real story into Fox News which has spawned multiple best sellers. Now I have many followers I admire there but I’m suspended. That one smarts a bit. Still, they wouldn’t have followed me if I’d acted like someone I’m not to please Twitter.Lotus 4 Trump was born on Inauguration Day with its focus on the 2018 election. I called for Christian candidates and followed people as they announced their candidacies.True to form, I made my appeals straight up.My phone was tagged to flash lights if I even visited Twitter to read Trump Tweets. I deleted the app.For the record, I am not a robot. I worked very hard to promote close to 500 candidates actively and many more passively as part of this list. I gave all I could to keep President Trump’s agenda moving forward just like I did in 2016 to make him my President. Not Russian, not French. I am an American woman fighting for my country.After a well deserved break, I sorted back through their responses and find this one.I downloaded the app. No flashing lights. I can read Twitter now but remain suspended. I tried to deactivate the three indicated but remain unable to.Whether or not I’ll be back in by 2020 remains unclear. Fortunately, I’ll survive. Who needs Twitter to keep up with President Trump when they receive his texts?Trumplycan Cynthia, the Texas Meddler #TRUMP2020 #KeepAmericaGreat #VoteRed2020 πŸ—³πŸ’ƒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


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